The EuroMillions game is the largest and most famous pan-European lottery, the first drawing of which took place 11 years ago in Paris. This game was created by the joint efforts of three countries: France, Spain and the United Kingdom. To date, nine European countries are already participating in the EuroMillions: Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Next, you will learn more about this game, and also you can check the ticket in the lottery EuroMillions.

In the lottery ticket EuroMillions first players must choose five numbers from 1 to 50, then two additional numbers or two lucky stars (Lucky Stars) in the range from 1 to 11, and you can win the lottery by guessing only two numbers. However, the player will be able to win the jackpot only if all five major numbers and two lucky winning stars coincide. In total, there are 13 prize categories for which the participant will necessarily receive a monetary reward. The amount of each prize varies from circulation to circulation, as they are calculated as a percentage of the total prize pool. The jackpot alone is equal to 32% of the total amount generated from the sale of lottery tickets, the remaining amount is distributed among 12 winning categories.

The minimum guaranteed amount of the jackpot in the lottery EuroMillions is fixed at around 15 million euros. If more than one participant wins the main prize, then the jackpot is divided equally among all the winners, and in the event that no player guesses all seven numbers, the sum of the super win is transferred to the next lottery. It is this rule that allows the EuroMillions lottery to reach such heights. It is worth noting that the maximum amount of the first prize can be 190 million €, however, the rules can change regularly, so we recommend that after every won jackpot check new information on our website.

From time to time, in addition to regular regular drawings, organizers can add a super-draw ("Superdraws") or mega-jackpot ("Mega Jackpot") timed to certain events, such as, for example, the anniversary of the EuroMillions lottery. There are no clear rules, dates for holding such lotteries, since they are held only in those cases when a sufficiently large prize amount accumulates, but players can hope for about one or two games a year. "Super Draw" is always accompanied by a guaranteed top prize of 100 million euros.

In some countries there are additional games that run in parallel with the game EuroMillions:

1. The creator of millionaires in the UK "Millionaire Maker"
2. Euromillions plus Ireland "EuroMillions Plus"
3. My million France "My Million"

To play in EuroMillions players of all countries must be over 18 years of age, however, for participants from Great Britain, by law, they are allowed to participate in the age of 16 years and older.

Using the service of selling lottery tickets online, your tickets will be purchased by a representative of this service in your name, after which you can see your ticket and all information about the game in your account on the site.

How can you check the results of EuroMillions? Weekly winners receive millions of prizes from this lottery, so it's no secret that the results of this game are among the most popular around the world. A winning combination consists of five main numbers and two numbers called Happy Stars. There are two weekly runs: on Tuesdays and Fridays at the headquarters of the lottery in Paris. In most participating countries the game is broadcast live, and almost immediately after the run you will be able to check the winning numbers online.

The total probability of falling into the category of "winners" in the EuroMillions game is very large compared to other known lotteries, since the odds of winning are 1 to 23. If the main combination was not guessed in the current draw, the jackpot is transferred unlimited number of times to the next draw, While one of the players does not guess the whole combination or the sum of the main prize will not reach the limit of 190 million euros. In the table below you will see Euromillions winning numbers, categories and chances of winning.

Given that the lottery is a game of chance, all EuroMillion players have an equal chance of winning. Thus, the probability that you will be the next winner is exactly the same as with other players.

We tried to find the information on the request of Euromillion winners, and that's the fact that we managed to find out: to date, the limit of 190 million euros was reached only once in August 2012 and paid in two equal amounts to players from the UK.

The entire amount of the prize will be paid to the person who presented the winning ticket, so it is worth considering that the buyer is not automatically the rightful owner of the prize. For this reason, the winners must keep the ticket in a safe place in order to avoid legal proceedings in case of loss or theft of this ticket.

Participating in the online lottery, if your numbers match the winning combination, you will receive a notification by e-mail and the amount of the win will be credited to your personal account. The whole amount can be transferred to your bank account or use this money to participate in the following games. Did you win the jackpot? Congratulations! In this case, a representative of the sales service of lottery tickets will personally contact you and offer you the most convenient way to receive money. We hope that our article about EuroMillions was useful to you.

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